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Eliminating inconvenient wastage of time

Kangaroo is an innovative take on helping users maximize the utility of their time. Effectively an Uber for line waits, Kangaroo allows users to discern where they spend their valuable time.


Kangaroo approached AppRocket with a simple, everyday problem which is widespread with no clear solution. How can we minimize waiting in line?

A second question that immediately follows from the first is, what is the value that people assign to their time? How worthwhile is solving this problem?

In addition, what would be the best mode and platform for such a service to take?

Real-time location tracking to help line skippers coordinate with line waiters

Information about key hotspots and line waits to help users understand what to expect

The Line Waiter side of the marketplace enables people to make money waiting in line


The logo is modern and playful yet at the same time clean and sophisticated to properly capture the spirit and feel of the application, which is a novel and innovative take on solving a serious and longstanding problem.

After extensive market and user research, a pricing and dispute resolution model was developed to cater to 99% of eventualities.

The home page is a maps screen with a nearby option to help users discover nearby places to go. A nearby feature also aids discovery of things to do.


A companion app for Line Waiters to make money waiting in line on their own terms was also developed. The app has an experience inspired by popular on-demand ridesharing apps, and allows waiters to set an Active status, after which they can be notified of line wait requests in their area.

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